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DENVER, USA — The first Caribbean-controlled hemp and cannabis producer CBDXR launched on the Over the Counter (OTC) market on December 28, 2018, in a history making venture with American Hemp Ventures Inc. (AMHV), whose mission is to become the preeminent integrated “seed-to-sale” hemp company that starts on the farm and delivers to the table top.

AMHV is primarily focused on developing proprietary hybrid hemp seeds, supplying hemp seed, hemp bio mass and CBD distillate, as well as providing various consulting services.

With their new joint venture formalized in September 2018 with Caribbean-controlled CBDXR, AMHV is now expanding into the CBD supplement and CBD topicals business.

Dominican born Elvis “Papi” Edwards developed a thoughtfully designed product set of CBD ingestible supplements that now receives a huge lift from the AMHV partnership.

Through years of hands on experience working with cannabis plants, the joint-management team has cultivated over 35 years of deep expertise in hemp-cultivation, processing and strategic planning techniques and has developed three proprietary hybrid hemp seeds, as well as a path-breaking process to feminize the hemp seed, which would increase yields by nearly 100 percent.

The skills and expertise of joint-management team has allowed AMHV to begin work with the government of Dominica after exploratory consultations were shown to be positive. AMHV is seeking to provide consultations and market advice to Dominica in how to develop hemp as a primary agricultural while creating sustainable jobs and providing a short term economic boost with substantial long term benefits for the Dominican economy.

The hemp plant has shown to have thousands of applications from industrial use to therapeutic properties. Hemp is a member of the cannabis sativa L. plant family. Although sativa L. is a part of the cannabis plant family, it has no intoxicating effects. It is highly valued for its high CBD content in the medical community. While some hemp plants do contain up to three percent THC. This percentage is not enough to produce an intoxicating effect, while some other varieties contain zero percent THC.

Hemp is most commonly sought for aiding in reducing inflammation and reducing seizures. It is usable in ingestible applications such as a source of plant-based protein, fiber and healthy fatty acids. Hemp is also a nutrient and vitamin rich plant.

When it comes to hemp farming, finding the right industrial hemp seed for growing is ideal. Hemp requires special care to grow, and the source nutrients of the hemp seed are vital. One needs to start with quality hemp seeds for growing that can produce strong plants and maintain its properties throughout the growth cycle.

AMHV’s experienced team have developed a feminized seed type, which allows a higher number of harvests per year and CBDXR is working vigorously to produce more ingestible variations of AMHV’s product services.